Top 5 List Of Foods For Bodybuilding

You need a balanced diet for good health, but when you are bodybuilding you need to emphasize protein.  As some sources of protein are better than others, start with this list of the top five products.

1.  Beef has many nutrients that help muscle growth.  In addition to protein, it contributes amino acids, B vitamins, zinc, and iron.  As lean beef is low in calories, you can lose unwanted pounds and fat while building muscle.

You can purchase meat clearly labeled lean beef.  However, if you must buy beef containing extra fat, trim the fat away before cooking.

2.  Chicken is a source of protein with multiple benefits.  It is useful for weight maintenance and bone health, while repairing and building muscle.  If you do not want to add extra calories, purchase skinless chicken, or remove the skin before cooking.

3.  Cottage cheese is excellent for your muscles.  It contains protein, calcium, Vitamin B12, and other nutrients.  Cottage cheese is both filling and low in calories.  It is the ideal solution if you are concerned about your weight, or if you become hungry between meals.

You can enjoy a good-sized serving of cottage cheese with remarkably few calories.  It can be a light lunch or a satisfying snack.

4.  Eggs make the perfect breakfast for bodybuilders.  They are low in calories, easy to prepare, and packed with protein.  Eggs also provide healthy fat, Vitamin D, choline, and amino acids.

An egg is one of the most inexpensive sources of quality protein.  Instead of frying, which requires extra fat, you can bake, boil, or poach your eggs to eliminate unnecessary calories.

5.  Whey protein will add more protein to your diet.  You can place a scoop of whey protein in any beverage you are drinking, or use a shaker or blender to make a special protein shake.  You will enjoy the taste, and benefit from the protein.

Protein is an important key to successful bodybuilding.  It will help you build lean muscle without adding unwanted body fat.  Start each day with protein, and include it in every meal.

Do not leave healthy fats, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and dairy products out of your diet.  Your bodybuilding will be more effective, and you will be healthier, when you make sure you give your body the nutrition it needs every day.  Strive for balance while emphasizing protein, and you will reach your goals.